There is this really pretty girl in my college class, but when is a good time to talk to her?

So this girl is really pretty, but she seems really nice, and really quiet. Definitely not the most talkative person out there. I see her eyeing at me sometimes, but I am not counting on it. I used to don't sit close to her, but now I have been sitting closer, but not close enough, but then again I am not counting on that either.

We usually have a break. She usually stays in her seat during the break. It may be creepy if I go sit in someone else's seat during break just to talk to her. It's hard to talk to her after class because she usually leaves a little later than everyone. I am afraid it would be creepy if I like wait for her to leave class, when I can usually leave earlier. Also, I have a friend in that class. I guess I made it obvious enough that he said "you want to talk to that girl huh?" I told him so what I am eyeing on a girl? But he's kind of making things harder and giving me pressure. How should I talk to her without being creepy and making a whole scene in class?


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  • I know how you feel I've got the same problem myself. I always have a tough time because when I see a girl that I like I can never find a way to talk to her and ask her out or even if I somehow get to talk to her I can never find a way to ask her out.

    Anyway back to your problem. What I would do since you're in class anyway I would walk up to her during the break if she was alone and say something like " I thought I'd come over and say hi since we've been in the same class since" and than continue on from there. Yes it sounds a little cheesy but it doesn't matter if she's even remotely interested in you she'll use it to start a conversation with you and you shouldn't have a problem asking her out after that.

    On the other hand if she looks at you weird like you were stalking her late at night in a dark alley then she might not be interested or she's really shy so don't lose hope just start with something like "Hi I'm sorry to bother you but can I ask you something about #insert name of class here#" and if she stopped looking at you like you were Jack The Ripper and started smiling go ahead and with some conversation about the class and then move if the conversation starts moving to other things you're good.

    I'm holding my fingers crossed and I hope you get the girl. :-)

    • Got many people say I should do it during break, not after class. Even two of my friends said that. Thanks for holding your fingers crossed for me : )

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    • My advice to you is to talk to as many girls/women as you can! That will help you correct your mistakes. : P

    • Yeah but I know that. But I keep making different mistakes with different women so there are multiple permutations. The problem is I only regret a couple of them that I really had my sights set on but some how screwed it up. But I guess all in good time. :-)

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  • I would leave the class right when she does and then talk to her. Then if you have a conversation with her, it won't be awkward in class the next day. Trust me, just go up to her and take a risk. It may work out in your favour!

    • I think it would be way too obvious to talk to her after class because most of the time, she leaves class a little later than almost everyone else. I am more comfortable during the break. But it will be more daunting and may require more confidence. I guess I'm up for it though.

  • Don't worry too much and approach her by sitting next to her. It won't be creepy.

    • You mean during the break? Or when before class begins. I don't really want to leave my friend in the class though. If it's not going to be creepy for me to go sit next to her in an empty seat during break, I'm down for it. I much prefer doing that than not sitting next to my friend for the first time.

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    • If she's shy it will take time but if you like her it will be worth it.

    • I had to bring up pretty much all the topics. All she had to do is answer and asked me back some questions I asked her! I just hope that's not a bad sign.

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  • "It may be creepy if I go sit in someone else's seat during break just to talk to her"

    Talking to girls is not creepy. And in order to talk to one, you'll need to sit/stand close to her.

    " it would be creepy if I like wait for her to leave class"

    Yes, it would so don't wait.

    "How should I talk to her without being creepy"

    Be honest, don't make it look like it's a big deal or like your world is going to end if she says no.

    "and making a whole scene in class?"

    Don't give a fcuk about what everyone might think. You're reputation will skyrocket if you ask a girl out and there's people around. It takes balls to do something like that and, even if she says no, assume she still wants to go out with you. Assume the sale. What are you afraid of? Everyone thinking "OMG, that loser did have sexual feelings, how dare he"? Bro, it's OK to like girls and letting them know that in a confident way.

  • You should really go to her during the break.


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