Why are so many people are scared to move on?

I always hear my friends talk about, If I her/him it would crush my partner.

I'm not happy but I've been with this person for so long, I don't feel like starting over :-\..like huh. Your unhappy in your relationship but you rather go through the rest of your life unhappy, rather than move on and find happiness...smh.

Or, my personal favorite...I'm staying cause of the kids...right cause that's gonna help them more.

Growing in a house hold where the parent resent each other, and cheating, and lying to each other...in some cases sleep in separate rooms.

Yeah, let's just stay for the kids sake.

Look I know it's all not black and white but, when your in a relationship you don't wanna be in everyone around you suffers. So, why more people are not willing to put there happiness first, if your so unhappy?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Some people don't want to get out of their comfort zones. That's the primary reason.


What Girls Said 1

  • Although they're not happy, they feel secure in that relationship. It's bringing them regular comfort, company and sex! Leaving that relationship would be like dropping them in the middle of nowhere and they have to start all over again, alone, finding someone to support them who can bring them happiness. It's just too much stress for them and we all know how hard it is to date, especially after a long relationship. We also know that when you no longer have someone, you miss them. These people know that if they left, they'd miss them so much that they'd only get back together in the end anyway.


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