GUYS!! HELP!! Is it a harmless joke or a means of Expression (females welcome)

Long story short..

This guy and I have been friends with benefits for about 3 years.

We date other people, we still mess around together. If communication seems to cease during that time we always come back to each other.

We have only had sex once.

Sometimes when we hang we don't do nothing at all. Just enjoy each others company, chill, watch tv, shoot the sh*t etc.

Latley I've kind of been doing me because after sex he kinda fell of for a while. I stop contacting him and he is now pretty much liking every picture, every status, texting me all the time. Tells me he misses me, tells me he has just recently was telling his buddies about me and how he misses me.

SOOOO when he jokingly says I LOVE YOU is it really a joke? or is it a cover up for how he really feels?



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  • It's just how he feels for you.

    Though, you can't count on it since he just want sex from you.


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