Do you think this is normal for a relationship?

Every summer when the weather gets nice. I become insignificant to my boyfriend. He is too busy for me for up to two weeks at a time. I don't even hear from him, not even a quick phone call to say he has been busy. He does not even return my phone calls. I broke up with him last summer over this after telling him how I feel and nothing changed. He was devastated. Who would have known considering the way he was towards me. I just thought he wanted to break up with me. So I broke up with him so he was not wasting my time and I could sleep with my ex without cheating.

By the way he is so excited about me moving in with him in couple months.

I have resigned myself to treat him the way he treats me so I am not annoyed by his disappearing anymore. Other than this he is a great boyfriend. I also highly doubt he is cheating as he is just not the type.

I get it, my boyfriend is an idiot. Just want to know how many people think this is normal to treat their boyfriend/girlfriend like this?


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  • it's not normal. but the questions is why do you subject yourself to it? also why are you with a guy when there are other people you want to sleep with?

    I think there are several issues at play here. I can't say why he does what he does. Perhaps when the weather gets nice he just kind of gets an itch to be free but I also do not know thsi guy so that would only be a presumption.

    I think you should just break up because a relationship where it's sort of "eye for an eye" treatment is really unhealthy and will get you nowhere

    • All humans want to sleep with other people that is normal. I don't see how your question is relevant.

      I know why he does it, he is dumb when it comes to relationships. I 'subject' myself to it because other than that he is a great boyfriend. Good guys are hard to find and nobody is perfect so I accept that this is his major fault, it's not that big of a deal when you think about compare it to what others are putting up with from their SO.

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    • You are not being rude. However, from what I see the majority of relationships are far more unhealthy than this. I know we won't last and I don't care. I will do better, in the mean time I am too busy to bother with breaking up let alone finding someone else.

      I just wanted to know if his behavior is normal, I am well aware that me not caring so much is not normal. I plan on telling him this but I wanted to get others opinions first.

    • II did not break up with him to sleep with someone else, it just happened that my ex started contacting me daily when my boyfriend was what seemed to me like he was pulling away. Since I had not had sex in two weeks and didn't want to drag a failing relationship out any longer so I broke up with him. The timing happened to work out well for me.

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  • "... so I could sleep with my ex without cheating" AHAHAHAHA! The drama you women create! I love women so much and how you can rationalize any situation after the fact!

    I think you answered your question yourself. It is NOT normal. Whenever I disappeared from a woman for a few days or a week, it's because I was fu*king other women. Period.

    SO he likes you and likes having you around. BUT he also likes to sample other vagina if only for a couple weeks per year, I guess he sees it as a little annual bonus. "If I eat juicy t-bone back home every day , a couple of hamburgers per year for variety taste darn good" - some kind of logic like that.

    So he probably really likes you and all (you're the t-bone) but his biology tells him he needs to do a little bit of seed spreading as well.

    • My boyfriend was absent and I assumed he wanted to break up. Why not go sleep with my ex? Of course I am going to break up with the current boyfriend first. I had no intention of ever seeing the boyfriend again. I don't even know what meaning you got from that.

      That's you. I know this guy is not like that. Nor am I naive. I know your type and avoid guys like you like the plague. I can spot your type from across a crowded room, just because so many girls fall for your lies does not mean every one will.

  • It's not normal, no.

    I mean, you break up with him to sleep with your ex, then you get back with him even when he doesn't change..

    This sounds like the behavior of a girl who loves to have something to complain about, not someone rational or normal at all.

    • He actually did change but now I see it's a summer thing. I got back together with him in the fall when it was cold out and not much to do in the outdoors.

      Besides I was referring to his behavior.

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