Why is she acting like this?

A couple of days ago I posted a question about handling a "break"(Might have to copy and paste link as I am not level 4 yet):


Read that first before reading the second part of this.

I know she is stressed and everything and she thinks I'm getting a little annoying. I know we can't really see each other as much as she wants(Part of the stress), But she's acting like she hates me. I texted her yesterday for the first time in a couple days during my work break and this is the response I get:

I called her no answer. Waited five minutes called again. No answer. Then I texted her.

Me: You busy?

Her: Obviously

Me: Oh okay you never answered my question last night were on good terms right?

Her: Does it matter. I'm busy . Don't text back

Me: You aren't mad at me are you?

Her: No I am Stop F***ing txting me

Me: Wow alright. It won't be a problem anymore. Goodbye.

Her: I was eating dinner with my family so stop. Now I'm with friends leave me alone.

Me: Like I said it won't be a problem anymore.

And I haven't talked to her since, and to be honest I'm mad at her now.

What would you recommend as a course of action? Should I give her more time alone? I know she loves me so why is she being like this? All and any help would be greatly appreciated.
She just called me and she seemed happy to talk to me. I don't know thought I'm still kinda mad at her.


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  • Why would you allow her to treat you that way on text? She seems like she is wearing the pants in this whole thing. I am not being mean, but people only treat you the way you allow them to...


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