How do I get my boyfriend to treat me more like a prize

He treated his ex- girlfriend more like a prize than me. Why did he treat is ex more like a prize than me? It making me feel insecure.


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  • Why did the previous relationship end? Maybe putting her up on a pedestal ended making her act like a self entitled brat. Maybe he doesn't want you to forget that YOU have something worth fighting for in HIM too. You aren't a prize, you're a young woman who deserves to be cherished. Show him you adore him and that he's your hero, treat him like one, you'll get yours too. Don't worry about how he treated the ex, unless you want your relationship to end the same way. I used to think a lot about how my guy treated his ex too, like a 'prize'. Chased her for a year after they split, even though she was going back and forth btwn him and another guy, she didn't even know who was the Dad of her baby btwn the two of them . . . He came to realize she was never worth chasing when he met me. He wouldn't chase me now, like he did her, but I wouldn't treat him like crap either, so it won't ever come to that. Honestly though, it's a good thing. Persay I did treat him like crap and he did chase me, I would see he lacked respect for himself, and that would make me lose respect for him too. He's grown up a lot, I'm sure he'd put me in my place if it came to that, but once again, love him proper, and it won't. :)


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  • how do you konw the ex was treated like a "prize"?

    Do you know how the relationship ended? Like why they broke up?

    -Perhaps he treated like "prize" and she betrayed his trust and now he is behaving differently in an effort to avoid being hurt

    -Perhaps the 'prize' treatment is purely subjective and you are in fact being treated as a prize it just doesn't feel like it to you

    -perhaps he doesn't truly love you or feel the same way he did about the ex




    It's really pretty impossible for us to know why he treats you the way he does. But I do think you should try not to let insecurity dictate your emotions. He isn't with his ex, he is with you so hopefully that gives you all the security you need not to worry about the ex.

    maybe if we had examples of the differences in treatment we could better judge why he is behaving the way he is or how you could get him to treat you similarly

  • maybe his ex was more satisfying in the bedroom

  • what makes you think you're a prize in the first place ? ...

  • It's supposed to make you feel insecure.

    He treated his ex like a prize, and guess what, she's now his ex.

    He's doing something different with you. You can conclude from this that he doesn't want to repeat the mistakes of the past.


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