Do rebound relationships last?

Me and my baby mama split up bout a month ago she dumped me for another guy that she is supposedly in love with Because he is what she tried to get me to be ha ha or so she says well anyway she is trying to move really fast with this guy. I warned her at the very beginning of our 4 year relationship that I would not tolerate this because my ex before her did the exact same sh*t to me over and over and she now regrets it more than anything and would love to have me back.


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  • It rarely lasts. From my own experience, I was a rebound for almost 2 years and at the end my ex's getting back with his ex left me feeling cheated!

  • The vast majority of rebound relationships do not last. Some do though, like mine for example. I was a rebound for my guy and we've been together for over two years now, and engaged.


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