Girls, should I go apologize to her, and what to say?

I know a lot of guys (HS) that are players and have been slapped by athe cute, popular girls they try to run game on. I've been running around bragging it won't ever happen to me. It's because I've been taking karate for a few months. I don't hit girls, but I bragged I would just block their smack hand out easily. I bragged to a lot of the same girls that I've seen slap the crap out of guys. Well yesterday, this one REALLY cute blond, popular(wants to be an actress) that I bragged to comes up to me, stares at me. I'm like "What?' and stared at her face, DAMN she's cute! Then she goes "Uh?" like she's disgusted and give me this cool stare. But then she used some move on me! She pushed her left hip out, WAY out! Then she set her left hand propped on her left hip. I looked down, at her hip pushed out like that and her hand on her hip and was like WHOOOA! She stood there all cute! Then she goes "awww, I never believed in that karate crap anyway." and then she wound up her right hand, wrist, flipped out her right hand and hung it hella far to the outside! I'm like "wtf?' I mean, her hip pushed out like that, hand on her hip, and her look on her face, but then her smack? I was SHOCKED when she flipped out her right hand and hung it out like that, damn! So my mouth dropped open like an idiot and I knew I have NO CLUE how to block that move she used on me, I can't! I was frozen, so I closed my eyes and waited for her smack to hit, UUGGH! *SMACK* on my cheek, totally turned my face! I was like "OWWW!" and she goes "HA! That's why, you creep! I knew it!" oohhh, that move SUCKS! It's not fair! We don't have like, really cute girls in karate class who use a move like that on us that we practice blocking, wtf? I can't figure that move out, how to block it! Is there any way to? Or not, and should I go apologize to her? What should I say, ideas? Help me on this!
I just guess I'm no different than all the other guys, she's right. All that bragging about karate is a bunch of crap! Her right smack, smack move workes easily on me. I'm just gonna tell my parents I wanna drop the karate class now, that blond is right!


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  • Why would you apologize to her? She hit you. Women do not have a right to hit a male, just because we are bigger. She is a violent bitch and nothing more.

    • @ update. Is your ego really so hurt, just because a girl got one hit in? So you were bragging. You think women don't brag about stuff. You got humbled a little bit by a girl, that is all. Just because one girl can hit you, or even beat you up, doesn't mean you should quit something you like. It just means that you have gained experience about your own current limitations, and that there are moves, and opponents that you are not yet ready for.

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