If someone meant something to you or has some value to you, would you keep in touch with them?

My EX and I broke up about 8 months ago. I broke up with him.

He was sad. He wanted me back but the relationship had ran its course and I know we are not a good match for a healthy, loving relationship.

However, I still care about him very much as a friend.

I want to keep in touch.

He does not want to keep in touch.

His behaviors right now (not wanting to keep in touch) made me feel as though our relationship meant nothing and I am of no value to him at all. I feel hurt by this because I had loved him once and still care.

We are living in different countries now and I have moved on in terms of 'I don't want to be in a relationship with him anymore'

I'm just confused as to why he wouldn't want to keep in touch.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • You breaking it off the way you did, made him feel the same as you feel now. You could have just let it run it's course rather than intervening with such an abrupt stop. This would have just faded into a "just friends" relationship due to the circumstances of reality.. He is recovering from a lot of pain right now.. And he likely thought; "Did you not ascribe any value to this at all...?"

    I'm sorry if me telling you this hurts you, but I have been hurt in a similar way as for the abrupt stop in the relationship... There just don't seem to be a need to handle it like that under the circumstances you described..


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What Guys Said 4

  • You're the hurtor; he's the hurtee.

    Makes perfect sense.


  • Depends. I usually do. But it's usually the other that never keeps in touch.

  • Something similar happened to me but it wasn't because either one of us moved or anything like that..., and I don't understand either she used to claim that she loved more than life itself and would promise me the moon and the stars and then once we broke up she didn't want to talk to me or see me or anything like that she cut me off and she cut me off completely..., and I also don't understand but I believe that it's just difficult and that it's just easier to forget about someone when you can't see them or hear them..., if they say so...

  • I would want to but it'd bring me pain so I'd avoid it.


What Girls Said 3

  • i moved out of state away from my boyfriend and its the only reason we broke up. I would try to keep in touch but he wouldn't want to. Later he told me it was to heartbreaking to still talk to be but not see me/be with me. He needed me out of sight & out of mind to get over me. now we don't talk anymore..its been 5 years. he just likes my Facebook statuses every now and then.

    • My situation is the same actually. Do you still like him?

    • I still like him.. but its like, were at different stages in out lives now.. hard to explain. not to long ago he told me I'm the only one he could see being in a relationship still.. with even with our situation now (me moving away, and having a baby). I still wonder every now and then why he doesn't talk to me as a friend. I still sort of think he still doesn't want the reminder of having me. we just had no choice to let each other go and move on.

  • because you hurt him. it isn't that hard to figure out.

  • Pretty similar situation to mine. I broke up with an ex 6 months ago due to long distance and also career difference.

    At first we decided to keep in touch but it hurt me throughout those time so I decided to cut all ties with him. Later on I found out that he's been getting back to his ex so that made me feel like I've made a right decision to not keep in touch with him ever again.


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