He's holding back on us getting together, won't ask me out and breaking my heart

We have been friends in work for about a year now. We both seem to really like eachtother since then, and there has been a lot of chemistry. We've known each other a long long time and there is a lot of trust. We would sit very close to each other we'd be touching, he would gaze into my eyes, smile an awful lot when talking to me, get excited when I enter the room, watch over me, tell me all about his life and open up a lot about his family and personal situation. He seemed to really open up to me. But we never made that jump to spending time together outside work. I thought both of us were a bit shy. Everyone seemed to comment on us and his friends would even tease him about me. But he still never made a move.

Last week, I was told I got a new job internally which will mean we will no longer be working together, and will hardly see each other. I saw this as a great thing, because it meant not only would it spur us into action, and progress things, but that we would also be able to pursue the relationship in work and not have it being a conflict of intrest.

But when I told him about it last week - he was quite sad. And never seemed excited about it. He kept talking about the limited time we had left. In these recent weeks, it seems he has switched off a little.

In this time the last few weeks, I have made endless suggestions for us to go out and spend time together and see each other outside work. But he just doesn't respond or says nothing. He has made no effort to do anything about it.

I don't understand, I seemed to make him so happy, and he really genuinely seemed to like me.

Im so bewildered and a little heartbroken now because I feel a little messed around. I have no choice now but to pull back.

He really has pulled back a little on the flirting/ romantic/ personal side of his behavior towards me in the last 2 weeks.

I can only take it as a rejection. But I can't bring myself to ask him why.

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are?



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  • He's just not that into you. Sorry. Move on to a guy who is willing to make the effort.

  • when does a guy really likes a girl?the answer is when you are able to purge through his heart...maybe you are not strong enough.. so you should move on if it leaves you no option

    • this is only making sense to me now.

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