Whats up with my ex boyfriend. everyone? need advice

We have a 3 month old child. He's been with his current girlfriend a year. He's going back & forth between me and her the entire time. He cheats on her a lot & she just argues with him breaks. His cell then takes him back. He feels he has the right to go through my phone. My Facebook. Twitter. Text etc but I could never go through his at all. He flirts with me grabs my butt kisses me he ask me if I'm seeing anyone else. Or having sex be says if I am that he's not go.na want me anymore so I don't!. Him & his girlfriend break up all the time they argue so much one of their landlords evicted them for the noise he was arrested that day. & she bailed him out 2 weeks later she has shattered 2 of his phones also & he continues to go back. When I've cried my eyes out wondering why we can't just be a family. He always says I love you we'll be together one day sweetie he told me he got himself in too deep & doesn't know what to do. We laugh & joke around together we have so much fun together that's why I'm confused


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  • Good God. He's a cheating scumbag and immature. That's why you cannot 'just be a family'. He's unstable and not worthy. And you put up with it.


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