Cheating and got caught

Here's the story. I knew it was wrong but I started sleeping with a guy who had a girlfriend. But for 6 months. And it turned into seeing him everyday, even if it was just for a 2 minute kiss. I was in their home, in their bed. We went out for dinner, movies, walks...lots of things. It wasn't only about sex. I fell crazy in love with him. But she found out.

So they "broke up" but remained in the same apartment, just separate beds. He's 37, has 3 kids, no money, no car of his own and can't get his own place. He relies on the girlfriend for financial means. Anyways, he told me everything. How many times he's already cheated on her (I was #5 but she only found out about me). And he also told me he cared about me and was so lucky to have me in his life. Now they are back together. I work with both of them. I had to take time off work Because I'm heartbroken. I know he's a loser, but I loved him with my whole heart. How am I suppose to handle seeing him and her when I go back to work? She's going to rub it in my face that she won him...


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  • First of all, as a third party I wouldn't feel like the woman wins back anything, if she did, she just took back a sore loser who relies on her for money and still cheated on her (I'm sorry, I know you love the guy, but this is the truth about that guy). Secondly, hun, if he already cheated on her so many times and you're not the 1st, what makes you think that he won't do the same to you and might do the same to another women? I know you're heartbroken, but seriously I honestly believe you will be off better without this guy in your life. Try to move on and find someone better. If you think it's hard for you to face them both, maybe you can consider getting a job at a new place, so you don't have to deal with the both of them, sooner or later I don't think the professional status could be retained. I wish you luck and all the best :)

    • I'm not proud of what I did. It had been over 2 years since I was close to someone and I guess loneliness got the best of me. I thought I was getting stronger until I had a trigger yesterday and I broke down and lost it. How am I going to do this at work?

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  • You should stop seeing him as someone sexual. Stop hooking up with him.

    • The last time we were together was in February. Since the beginning of March I have not seen or spoke to him. I just want to know how to handle this when I go back to work?

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  • cut your lose and realize that you came out better because you do not have to accept his cheating self she does. Let her sit up and worry about him cheating not you.

    • I know in the long run its better he's out of my life. I just wish the girlfriend wasn't OK with the cheating that he learned something out of it. Instead I'm humiliated, got played the fool and feel like loser : (

    • don't think of it that way you are a winner with common since to pull out of a relationship when this happens instead of staying in and allowing yourself to be hurt and used. Trust this will come back on him soon enough!

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