How would you interpret this phrase from your boyfriend...Please read!

My boyfriend and I were talking and we were having a conversation about his ex, and he went on to say...about them, " that..since we've been apart.." and me his girlfriend sitting there listening to this. To me it, meant that he has been thinking of her, and he's still in love with her. He also went on to say a little bit later," that this might be the last time I see her"...Please give me some advice. Thanks.


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  • I believe that you're thinking correctly.

    BUT, he's with you; not her.

    You're doing yourself and your relationship damage if you obsess on this.

    On the other hand, his boundaries are low if he talks about his ex.

    This is hurtful to you, and inconsiderate of him.

    He needs to move on (not from you, but from his ex).

    Watch for further boundary violations.

    If they continue, dump him.


    • Thank you Ted, I thought so, he has violated another one,looking at women while were together, as he couldn't see straight. He turned his head completely away from me, I though me might trip or something, because he turned his body that much away from me. Twice! Thank you,

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    • "...I'm making too big a deal..." He sees himself as innocent, you as the responsible party;

      "...sigh...' How manipulative;

      "...he's a loser..." right in one;

      "...wants to die..." and it's all your fault. See the manipulation?

      "...I'm the best thing to happen to him..." BS. He'll find another.

      "...he will be alone for the rest of his life..." let's hope so; this shouldn't to happen to another woman.


    • Thank you Ted, This is helping me realize and process.

  • It seems that he's moving away.


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