My boyfriend is planning on going on a lads hoilday to magaluf and I'm scared!

im afraid he's just going to cheat on me he's never cheated on me in the past and I'm nearly with him a year he's done everything for me and always been there for me the reason I'm afraid is because he cheated on his ex a lot while with her and used to be a player.. but the lads have already booked this and when they did I told him I didn't want him to go and now he wants to go because they Haven't stopped talking about it so that's making him want to go even more the reason I'm afraid because I am a paranoid person and I always get paranoid with him but he doesn't give me a reason to be like this I'm just so afraid he will do something and most of the lads are single but he's promised me he wouldn't do anything to me which I kinda believe him but stil have the doubt there.. I just need some answers if people have been in this situation I've talked to my friends but they just don't know how I feel!


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  • So you want us to comfort you? =/

    Relax woman. Nothing anyone says here will erase your fears. You need to get over them. And you can only do that by realising two things: He is going and you can't change it.

    And if he is going to cheat, he'll cheat, you can't know.

    So stop thinking about and go draw, or eat, or watch TV or anything really. Get off GaG.

    • yeah I need answers that will help me !

    • There are no such answers. No one can help you, this is your internal struggle and there are two ways to heal. Rid of the paranoia, or the boyfriend.

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  • You should just trust him, and break up with him when you think he has cheated on you.

    Otherwise, let him be innocent in your eyes.


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  • i understand where yuur coming from ... my boyfriend is in flordia with his friend , his friends sister , AND HIS FRIENDS SISTERS FRIEND .. they all stayin in the same room ... kill me now ? ): I'm flippen out cause he won't talk to me ... I don't know what to do ):


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