men!!!!! ye haven't a clue

My ex ended things with me becos he wasn't happy I didntknow this as he hid it well. He later (5days) brought up a lot in d relationship and sed I was right in all I said. Long story short he used to accuse me of liking idiots. He has all female friends and was always txting them he was stil in contact with his ex. I got one missed call of a guy and I was the worst in the world. Anyway he told me recently that he got boosts of confidence as girls tell him he's very good looking (he has said this more than 1c) its gone to the stage where I can't handle listening to him its irrating he likes to end texts with take care pet x I mean come on like all I asked was would you take your belongings from mine or il dump them and he says keep the top I gave you it was so hot on u. Told him I want no memories of him and I realized I prob boosted his ego he's now thing she misses me. I don't like the thought of him with some1 else but at same time I don't want him wicked toxic relationship. Why do you men drag us down and break up with us and them boast about your great life and all the woman want ye? Or is my ex just a fool? Also he claims I'm with someone else and is always saying 'i heard from a valuable sourse... bla bla bla clearly he's getting his fix from woman and wants to feel OK so will convince himself I'm with someone as well. All I wana say is all you leter pans out there get out of your fantasy worl and GROW UP :-)
I should of clicked spell check haha


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  • You should just refrain from thinking about your ex. It's just giving you stress and headache.

  • Men don't have a clue? LOL


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