Why is my ex acting like a this?

long story lol So I dated this guy for a year and a half and we were in a intense deep relationship. We were very much in love and I told him things that I've never told anyone, he was my first time and we were geniunely happy. he was a great guy. Then all of a sudden he started acting like a complete jerk and started talking to this other girl on the side. out of the heat of the moment I broke up with him. I regret it and we tried to work it out but I wouldn't accept him back until he chose between me and the other girl. it worked for a few months but he was still talking to the other girl so I ended it for good

its been 5 months since the break up and my ex is a complete A** to me! he spreads nasty rumors about me and a lot of my friends stopped talking to me because of him. he is total player and talks to all these girls and yet he is still focused on me and making me look bad. like whenever a guy tries to talk to me he says all this bad stuff about me to make me look like a slut. its terrible and it hurts so bad because I know I still have love for him even though he is a jerk. I never talk about him or retaliate back, and I try and act like I don't care. its hard to keep a thick skin sometimes. which makes it even worst is that we are still in high school so people act so immature and they egg it on. I'm completley miserable :(


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  • wow. It sounds he wants to ruin your reputation. My advice: rise above it and become a better person in the process. Forgive yourself (it may be the hardest thing to do) and then forgive him. It sounds ridiculous but you will never truly move on until you have done so. Please don't blame yourself there are good guys out there. He is the one that lost so you should be excited you have moved on. What is true is you know who you really are and that is all that matters. Who knows? That special someone will come along and see what you see inside yourself. Keep believing and never give up.

    • i think besides all the heartache I've learned who I am and who will be there for me. and it showed me how strong I am. thanks for the words of inspiration! I appreciate it :)

    • you're welcome miss. If you know who you are you will expect better from the next guy. Trust me.

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  • You seem like a terrific young woman - who is beyond her years and is very mature. Its a shame when others can't match that. Work hard and do well in school. Feeling good about yourself in things like academics that others can't really prevent you from doing well in can be really redeeming and make you feel better about yourself. At least that's what I've found.

  • It seems strange that you can be in a deep, intense and loving relationship for so long and then that suddenly dissipates into the mess of a situation you have today. It's hard to understand the motives for what this guy is now doing, but despite your feelings for him, it does sound like for whatever reason, he has it in him to be a real jerk!

    I wouldn't lower yourself to his level as many people would, just do your best to avoid him and ultimately cut him out of your life completely.

    I'm sorry this is happening to you, but at least you know what he's really like and as sad as that is, you just need to do your best to move on from him and time will help you with that. You could always try talking to him properly and asking him why he's doing these things, but whether you'll get a decent, respectful answer is hard to say... I wish you good luck with this difficult situation! :o)

    • yea I doubt ill get any respect from him but thanks lol I'm way mature and a better person than him are any of hos loser friends. I just needed some reassurance

    • lol Well I sure hope you feel somewhat reassured now... :o)

    • thanks

  • You should just stop thinking about him. Don't get back with him.

    He's just a jerk that's why his actions tells so.


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  • he'll stop eventually, it will die down. He'll have other problems to solve soon,


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