BF won't beleive a word I say?

so this is my story..

ive been with my boyfriend for about 6 months now, but we have been friends for around 3 years, at the start everything was sweet, he was always wanted to be with me, talk with me, spend time with me ect.. but lately, the last 3 weeks or so, everything has shifted. he gets jelous.. really jelous of males I talk to, even though I hide NOTHING from him. he will go through my phone, and through my Facebook pretty much daily, which at the start I had no issue with as I really don't have anything to hide, but now it annoys me because I don't understand WHY he needs to monitor everything I do, but he doesn't understand that. he has cracked it with me on 3 occasiosn now because I have spoken to people that HE has told me to contact. even when I have argued that I didn't want to contact them, I don't understand why he would tell me to call someone, but then crack the sads when I do? he also put a recording device in our room to try and catch me doing something whilst he is at work. I have deleted people off Facebook because it has been an issue for him, but then he cracks the sh**s because I didn't block them aswel. its getting to the point where I feel like banging my head against a wall in fustration! I have tried so hard to be completely honest and trusting, but it seems that being honest gets me nowhere? he expects me to accept all of this but doesn't want to see my side. for instance, he doesn't want his ex girlfriend to know about our relationship. she has sent him messaged telling him to go to a hotel so they can f**k (which he told me about) but I'm supposed to be peachy about that? to me it feels like I'm being hidden, like he is ashamed maybe? or something like that? he says he doesn't want her to know because she will loose it and he doesn't want to hurt her, but the way I see it is, why shouldn't I be able to tell who ever I want that I'm with this guy? why are her feelings more important than mine? why does he care if she gets the sh**s up? they broke up, so why shadow your new relationship to benifit your old one? but when that comes into the debate he will try to turn it around so he is right. because he is ALWAYS right. I just don't know what to do, I really do love this guy, and when this stupid crap isn't going on its good.. I just don't see why he feels the need to interrogate me about every little thing I do, even though I don't lie to him, I don't hassle him when he goes out, I don't snoop through his stuff and I have no interest on cheating on him what so ever. its like he is watching every little move just waiting, expecting me to do something wrong. I don't want to break up with him.. I just want some advise, please!


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  • dosent sound go for you, I leave this crazy guy. But if you want to stay with him. Change your passwords and if he wants to get on them say no even knowing your OK with it, I don't think he should be doing this. My girlfriend did the say she reads my txt, and email. it bugs me because she read an email for my eyes only that came from my dad to me. And she now has trust issues towards me. But I am not the one snooping around looking at text and emails. I change all my passwords, an she just going to have to trust me, and if she cant, her loss.

  • Just leave him. It seems that he's just finding excuses to break up with you.


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