Should I worry or not?

My boyfriend and I been dating for 5 months now. But lately he been actin really weird. He lives in New Jersey and I live in Brooklyn. Whenever I text him he be like" I'm at work or he be like" can't talk right now"

I mean his ex girlfriend been textin him. How do I show him that I miss him? How do I tell him that wanna see him ? How do I tell that I don't like when he told me those words?
I know but lately I called him twice a day and its always his messenger I reach. And the one time he text back he was" hey babe I'm sorry I haven't been in touch lately. And two days later when I text it's back to the sa e thing


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  • You should really worry. Your relationship will fall into doom if that continue. You should just call him, and tell him that you miss him and can't take this non-substance communication anymore.


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