My boyfriend left me to go be with his ex girlfriend has anyone been through this?

my boyfriend left me to go be with his ex that he was with over 4 years has this been did to anyone?


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  • That never happened to me. That only happens when you're in a rebound relationship.

  • Yes. Also it will likely fail. Congratulations on getting out of a horrible situation.

    • well they was still talking they have a lot of history together they been together over 5 years I only been with him 3 months

    • I know. Or rather I 'figured'. You're kind of like a rebound or an intermittent relationship for their ongoing dramatically bullsh*tastic relationship. You win out on this one; if they are that unstable ( as it's likely this isn't the first time this has really occurred ) you don't want to deal with either person.

    • ya this is the first time they didn't breakup because somebody cheated

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