Continuation of in-state tuition at my university if I move to another state...?

I am a junior at university in Ohio and am currently a resident. If my family were to move to Florida and I got a driver's license and what not from there and took the necessary steps to becoming a full Florida resident (I know it takes about a year+ to become a full resident) would my university charge me as out of state? even if I had already completed 3 or so years of college there as an in-state resident?


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  • I'm not positive but I think technically since you'd be a Florida resident you'd no longer be eligible for in-state Ohio tuition. Why bother to get Florida residency? Just stay a resident of Ohio. You only have one more year. Just keep an Ohio address and keep your Ohio driver license.

  • It's in-state tuition so they'll definitely charge you as out of state.


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