What to do as this is first girlfriend.

Me and my girlfriend have been together for year and half and for past year haven't had sex as she gave up on me as at the time I didn't seem interested and didn't initiate it. I didn't initiate or seem interested as I had thoughts that she only wanted to be with me due to the sex especially as not long after we broke up for couple weeks but got back together and for the past year I have been trying and even asked why and can't seem to get anything going anymore. When I ever did try to initiate she thinks I am acting weird. I love her a lot and when we hang out at my house to watch a movie or TV shows she spends more time on her phone then with me and it is usually with few of her guy friends. Plus she takes me shopping with her if she's buying bras and stuff or when out she'll grope me and other stuff but nothing happens. We recently went on vacation out of state and had fun but nothing happened even when I would try and initiate. I don't know what to do as I was always interested in sex just didn't handle it in the best way and not sure how to initiate to where it won't be "weird" even though all she ever did was start kissing me. I actually preferred her to initiate it as I liked her being in control and have told her this.
She has been cheating on me for past 2 months now so its over but thx for help yall


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  • It's clear that she lost interest in you. You should just find a new girl for yourself.


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  • what happens and how do you initiate it ? does she say no ? you're probably not clear enough and she thinks you're just not interested. just man up and ask to hang out just you two and lead her to the bedroom or whatever.


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