Ex pushing me away? guys help?

Honestly we had a great relationship. Before anyone says he's a waste of time or whatever, the only time things went sour was after our break-up.

Basically, we dated for a good while. He even joked with me about children (I know it was silly) and he always encouraged me and nurtured me as a person. He wanted me to follow my dreams and he always reminded me of how pretty I am. He would even miss football with his friends some weekends just so we could hang out.

During our time together, we never had sex. Only because I have never did it before and he has quite a few times. I want to be very cautious about these kinda things.

Anyway we've been separated for a loooong time now. He broke up with me and when he did he pushed me out completely and said some very hurtful things like 'he didn't care about me' and 'he just wanted to have sex with a girl but not a relaionship' these things were said when he was drunk and he couldn't recall saying them when I confronted him.

Eventually I gave up on him, he went pretty much off the rails and to my knowledge has had a few one night stands. He has been a total mess. He has tried to come back to me and talk a few times but I've never let it get that far. I've never even told him I still have feelings for him or anything.

He still hugs me when he sees me and he often touches me lightly on the lower of my back or sometimes teases me and pulls my hair like he would when we were together. Other times he's totally cold and pushing me away again, so I just try to keep my distance from him.

I really do care about him, but I just don't know what's got into him. I know to an extent I caused our separation, but he was the one who gave up first. We've barely spoke in months now but I miss him, and I hate seeing him going off the rails!

What can I do?


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  • Honestly hun, you should be looking elsewhere for a better guy. It seems like his intentions were to be with you since you were a virgin in most eyes of guys that's a prize worth more than millions. He may have been drunk when he said those things but a lot of truth comes out when people are drunk even if it came out the wrong way due to the intoxication. I believe he does care about you to an extent but not enough for you to pursue him. He's already having one night stands like that's pretty gross. I know many people have had them and it happens but just isn't right. Your a sweetheart and deserve a real man it's time to move on and find someone new. Even if you still have feelings. honestly in any relationship you always have feelings for that someone unless they were very cold hearted brutal animals. But you need to move one.


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  • Time to find someone new.

  • You should just move on and find a new guy.

    He's just being friendly now.


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