Have you ever convinced someone to not break up with you?

Three weeks ago I was feeling REALLY stressed and depressed due to my upcoming exams and was touchy/emotional ect. My boyfriend and I had been dating a little over two months and were still getting to know each other, but at that time, I really took to heart things that annoyed me about him or misunderstandings and didn't wanna work on it so I went over his to break up with him. He spent a whole hour talking it over with me and told me to talk to him about my problems with him instead of just breaking up with him. How can that not be a blow to his ego? Because if it were me, I'd be like 'ok, this person doesn't wanna try, she's an emotional mess' etc and let them go.Things are great now and I'm so happy and lucky he wasn't like that, but yeah... surprised he tried.


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  • Stay with him. You've got a good one that at least halfway understands women.


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  • Seems kinda desperate dontcha think?

    • but he's kind and really hot, had lots of experience with girls so I don't see why

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  • My ex used to do that he still dumped me


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