Why does he treat her better than me?

My first everything and I were together 5 years. We weren't right for each other but we went through hell and back and grew. he broke up with me when in the army after two years long distance. He tried to get back with me but couldn't a few months later.

I'm in a good relationship now for two years. The break up was two years and a half ago. my cousin sent me a pic text this morning of something so romantic he did for his wife such as draw her a cake for her birthday when he couldn't be with her.

I became curious and looked through his page.

They have been together a year and half. married after two months...he seems to treat her way better than me. Buys her flowers, expensive things, tells her she's beautiful on her photos, and always refer to her as My wife.

Sure he's done sweet tthings for me but it seems like he treats her a lot nicer. by the way they got married because she's not a citizen.

Does he treat her better Because he learned from our past mistakes? Or is it Because she's the right one? his mom came to me once saying she's the boss in the relationship.

Which was weird Because he seemed like he couldn't be that way.

Makes me wonder


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  • Yes, that will be a primary factor as well. He learned it from his past mistakes.


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