Will he propose? Am I worried for no reason?

So my boyfriend of over a year and a half and I are very serious. We've talked about marriage and we both know that we want to spend our lives together, it's pretty decided. At this point in our lives, I'm turning 22 in a couple months, he'll be 24 in September, we aren't engaged or anything just yet, we're still getting a little settled in our lives. I'm getting my masters degree and living in graduate housing on campus on my parents' dime, and he just began a great new job and is finishing his degree.

The plan is to move in with each other when I graduate (December 2014) but I have made it ABUNDANTLY clear that I will not live with someone that I am not engaged to. My reasoning is that when you live with someone, your lives begin to meld together, finances are blurred, belongings are shared, and should you break up your entire world would completely shatter around you. I MUST have commitment in my relationship in order to make a decision like that.

When I say that to him he just kind of shrugs it off like "okay sounds good" but it's like, dude, you have less than a year and a half to do this. Are you sure you're up for it?

I don't know I guess I'm worried that he doesn't realize the gravity of what I'm saying, but I don't want to be on his back about it. Is this something I should be worried about or should I take the "okay" as he's actually going to do it?


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  • It's really hard to know if this guy is going to propose, seeing as how we can't get inside his head. I think the important thing now is that you two talk about this.

    It's easy for a guy to just shrug off a girl telling him that before they move in together she expects a solid commitment in the form of an engagement. A year and a half seems like a long time away from the present. So perhaps he was just saying that thinking he will be ready. Now the big thing will be what his response is closer to the end of that timeline.

    You two should really talk about this if this relationship is headed for marriage in the future. I know that some guys don't want to talk about this, but it's important to talk about your feelings and what you want for the future with him because it sounds like you two do want to get married eventually down the road.


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