Guys why did he ask me this?

If he ever cheated on me would I just up an leave him, or would I stay and forgive him and try to make him better. He means if he cheated with someone that meant nothing to him. and it was a one time thing would I be there to help him see the errors in his ways. would I still love him. He said he wouldn't leave me if I cheated on him with 4 different guys cause he loves me and I'm the person that he wants to wake up to. He adimitted to me that he cheated on his other gfs "after" they cheated on him. And then he asked me have I ever cheated on any of my bfs I said no..then he said every girl says that I said well I'm telling the truth. I was taken a back to the question but I told him I would never give up on him no matter what but just because I'm telling you this doesn't mean its OK to cheat.


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  • damn. I mean the question in and of itself is not a bad one, I've actually asked my boyfriend that too but the consensus for both of us is we honestly don't know if that's a forgivable act and it would depend on what degree the person went to. Neither of us have ever cheated.

    What would worry me about your situation is his reaction to the situation and so nonchalantly talking about cheating. It really sounds like to him it's normal and not a big deal. I would be highly offended by that comment of "all girls say that". You're obviously a classy girl that wouldn't stoop to that level and it's concerning that he could see you in that light with no good reason - it sounds like he doesn't think very highly of you.

    It is NOT okay to cheat and "not giving up on you", if you mean not leaving them no matter what then that IS making it okay, I don't care how you want to spin it.

    • well he is really depressed and I'm trying to help him through it. We are getting a place together and I guess he wanted to ask me some important questions first. He was so serious when he asked me. I started to cry cause the thought of him doing that to me would just kill me. And people cheat for different reason that reason I can forgive but if you actually with this other person you just wernt acting out cause you thought I didn't want you anymore then how could I stay.

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    • I am and I have and o know to other people it may look wrong but he was faithful to these other girls they wernt faithful to him. And he went out and did the same back. He is good to me but it does make me worry

    • Cheating is one factor in a giant ocean of concerns you should have when making the decision to live with someone. You're the one who said he was depressed and you're trying to "help him"

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  • It seems that he has cheated on you.


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  • be honest say what is on your mind, let him know what it is you want


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