Should I move back home with mom or stay? 28 years old

So here are the facts short and direct:

I live in Southern California.

I make $1750 off the MGIBill.

I am going to school full time at a community college.

I live with my boyfriend and we broke up recently.

I have to find a place by the end of the month.

My mom suggested that I move back home with her to start over (rent free)

My mom lives in Virginia.

I don't have a lot of furniture but I do have a car.

The MGIbill will only pay for your school and housing payment for resident students.

If I move back home, I will be an out of state student and so have to pay out of pocket for the first year of school.

I only have $1000 in savings.

I am currently unemployed.

I guess I am having trouble deciding if I should just stay, find a cheaper place, and continue my program...or move back home, pay out of pocket for a year, and start back on the MGIBill program with school.

BTW I am 28 years old.

Thank You so Much...I am really struggling with what I should do.


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  • One big question is what do you "want" to do?

    The only thing that has changed is you need to find a new place to live. If you get a room mate you should be able to find something for a similar price to what you are paying now. TBH, that doesn't sound like a good reason to drop your education and move across the country unless you have other reasons to do it. It might take some time while you are busy with school, but finding a new place to live is easier than moving.

    Some things to consider:

    California has some of the cheapest tuition of any state (or at least they did when I was out there). So even if you get residency in Va, the tuition might still be higher there.

    If you move to Virgina, does the VA pay up to the resident cost and you pay the rest? Or will they not pay at all?

    What about moving to a cheaper part of California with a similar college program? So Cal is very expensive.

    What about student employment? Since you are already on campus, just a few extra hours of paid work can help without loading you down too much.

    Whether you stay in Cal or move to Va, with the timing you should be able to finish this semester which will make it easier. Does the VA require you to take summer classes to continue the housing allowance?

    • The VA will not pay if you are an out of state student. You have to live in a state for one year for them to start paying you.

      I do have to take summer classes to continue my housing allowance-but I only have to take 2 because that is considered full time.

      I guess what I ultimately want is to be able to save money, live below my means, and go to school full time so I can get my degree faster.

      Hope this answers it well.

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  • Move back in with mom, do what you gotta do to get yourself back on your feet.

  • You should stay. The expenses are much greater if you move out of state.


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