Is he flirting or just being friendly?!

I met this guy 5 years ago, in college. We became friends for the time we were in school. We didn't talk for quite a while and few months ago we started talking again. I had a boyfriend and he ha a girlfriend. We would go out to bars together (just the two of us). Sometimes, we play night golf and one evening he even invited me to go to the movies.

I'm now single but he's still with his girlfriend. He never mentions her at all. I never bother asking questions about her either. We are always joking around and having a blast together. Sometimes I get the feeling that he likes me more than just a friend but I feel like his girlfriend is holding him back.

I don't want to get in any drama with all of this.

I think I'm starting to like him more than I ever did.

What should I do about this story? Should I stop seeing him ?

Thanks everyone!


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  • You should really stop seeing him. Don't be the reason why he and his girlfriend will break up.


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  • It seems he's just being friendly since he choses to be in a relationship with his girlfriend.


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