Why does my ex still try to text me? I need brutal honesty?

Me and my ex broke up on January 16th from a 1yr relationship. After we broke up, he started seeing a new girl shortly after (But they made it official on Feb 24th - it was after me & him got into a fight and he found out that was dating someone) . So I also decided to date someone new. I started dating a new guy on February 14th but I dumped my rebound on April 14th.

While me and the rebound were dating, I still talked to my ex. We tried to be friends cause he wanted to be really badly. During that "friendship" all we did was flirt and there was so much sexual tension between us... We hooked up once. I think on April 3rd I called him... I was crying. I think I just snapped. I let all my feelings out about our relationship, about how I hated the guy I was with, and other things I don't really remember. But I should have known my ex wasn't the type to give emotional support... He's the type to spare your feelings and avoid conflict. This dawned on me that I couldn't continue being "friends" and I could take relationships anymore. I mean, he was still dating the new girl. So I decided to just tell him that I needed to stop talking to him. I said I wouldn't contact him for a year unless it was about money I owed him. The next few days he tried to convince me not to. On April 7th, I told him that I would stop contacting him.

On April 12th, I posted a couple pictures of my dad's party on my IG page. We rented out a theater. Later that day he texted me a simple "Hey" nothing serious. I didn't respond.

The next day, he was basically threatening me. Saying how I was screwing him over and how my family shouldn't rent out theaters for parties. He said if I didn't answer, he'd call the cops. I ignored this... It ended up being a bluff.

I contacted him on April 30 saying how I didn't have the funds now but I would pay him back by the end of this year and told him how I wasn't screwing him over. He told me thanks.

Today he sent me a simple text saying hello. I ignored it.

I've blocked him from all my social networks except Facebook but he can only see my photos ( in case I die... It will be good for him to know through comments)

Even though I've blocked him, I believe he found me on instagram from a mutual friend (my IG isn't private). I blocked him from twitter when I found out that he made a twitter recently.

But I'm getting really off topic the reason why I'm so confused why he still is contacting me is because of his new girlfriend. He's still with her and he seems very happy with her too (yes I stalked him a couple times). He even gave her a promise ring for her birthday. They basically hang out everyday and she's head over heels for him. I think I'm over analyzing all this, but why do you think he would still contact me when he's clearly fine without me? (Please be brutally honest)


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  • My ex is still pulling the same crap. We were together for 3 1/2 years and we broke up over a year ago. He left and got a knew girl, got engaged to her within knowing her for only 4 months...

    Like you, I cut off all contact, blocked him on Facebook, deleted his number. Told him that I hoped it was the biggest mistake he ever makes and that he regrets it for the rest of his life. I was done.

    Well he contacts me every few months and I ignore him or tell him to leave me be. I'm fine. He contacted me recently and him and his fiance broke up. So out of curiousity I asked the same question you are asking now. And guys told me that the memories just don't go away. And that the love might still be there for him. Its hard to move on when you can't get rid of the memories.


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  • You owe him money. That's why he still keeps contacting you. Pay him back and you'll never hear from him again.

    The fact that you put out after you broke up didn't help either, but that's incidental at this point.

    • I only dated cause he was seeing someone.. I don't understand why I'm the bad guy because he did it first.

      And technically I don't owe him anything, but he bought me gifts and helped me out a lot while we were dating. And he didn't care about it until we broke up, so I thought it would be the courtesy thing to do.

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    • Where are you getting these these intentions of what I'm not going to do? I am going to pay him back. Why wouldn't I? I'm sorry that this point in time I do not have the finances only because I live in a very rural location but I am moving in a month for college since I am starting in the summer semester. Where I am moving is in a big city with plenty of jobs & plus my brother is giving me a job at his office. So I have full intentions of paying him back. I don't even understand why I would lie

    • I didn't say you wouldn't. I said if you weren't planning on paying him back, then tell him. The idea here is get him to stop contacting you. There are two ways to do that. Pay him what you owe him, or tell him you're not going to pay him and let him get mad and get over it.

  • You should just ignore him. Don't initiate contact,and block him in FB.


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  • he is psycho and he wants you back.He can't stand to see you happy


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