Am I misinterpreting his feelings towards me? Should I confess my feelings?

Well I have this great friendship with this guy--we are best friends. I love always being around him and talking to him. He is always there for me, sweet and really playful. But sometimes the comments he says, makes my heart skip a beat and gives me butterflies. Comments like, " you're too cute", "you're like my dream girl", "when I get married I hope my wife is exactly like you", "i always look forward to talking to you, you keep my day going." "no other girl can make me laugh as much as you do" "I miss you" and all the other cute pet names we given each other. Flattering comments like that are endless... and I always find myself blushing. He's a really nice guy to begin with and he hasn't really made a move though sometimes I feel like he does want too... But I don't want to misinterpret his feelings or his comments. Maybe he just said that without really thinking.. I'm not sure and each time I want to ask him about this my cheeks turn pink and I become extremely shy so I change the topic. I want to make a move but I'm afraid of rejection and possibly making it awkward for a while (because I know we can't last long without talking to each other, we are that addicted to talking to each other.) I would really appreciate your feedback/opinion on this situation. I'm debating whether to suck it up and tell him or just let things be and let our friendship blossom slowly into something more because if things are meant to be, we will be together right? (x


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  • Either he does like you (a lot) or he's a retard for making comments like that. If a girl told me "you're like my dream guy" I wouldn't even wonder if there was a question as to whether she liked me or not. Just kiss him tbh :D

  • You should really confess your feelings to him. He's a great guy, and is just slow in expressing his feelings as well.


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