Should I make my ex my girlfriend 2 weeks after breakup?

I met this beautiful, sexy girl 4 months ago. One week I initiated sex but she refused I waited one month before she gave in, it was not that great. But improved overtime.

We continued dating I asked her to be my girlfriend we it was great.

She said she had an abusive ex so she is sometimes cold because she is afraid I would hurt her.

Overtime she was hot and cold, she was shy didn’t display PDA, she was shyto kiss me, accused me of cheating, forced me to get tested, complained yet she went on dates with other men. She did not want to be seen with me all the time and she had on fb in a relationship even before we were official when I asked her she said she did that to scare away some guys. Yet I fell in love with her. I kept trying she kept being cold.

We were on a week break but talked everyday, then I met another girl and we hanged out.

I avoided seeing my girlfriend for an entire week.

I put off breaking up with her and 3 days after a beautiful date I broke up with her and continued seeing the other girl.

Now my ex is miserable, she lost so much weight, cries all the time, calls me to see how I am doing.

When she found out about the other girl we had a fight and I defended myself by well I am single, no big deal. She apologized I forgave her.

I don’t really like the other girl. I still have sex with my ex, call her baby, does what she wants and speak as normal. people are disappointed we broke up.

I know she loves me and tries to be strong when around me as if it doesn’t affect her. I only call, text and see her if she initiates. I told her I was sorry to hurt and disappoint her, but we were missing something.

I am afraid of commitment, that she may cheat on me.

My job requires that I move from this state for six months one month from now. Should I take her back, avoid her or be friends?

She knows about the move and was okay in doing LDR.

I drown myself with food and work to conceal my feelings


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  • I think you are a player and you got caught


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