Can you tell your relationship is crappy by Facebook?

besides us living together I thought it wouldn't be an issue...but I feel like a rebound girl I tried talking to him and it seems like he do what he wants because I'm mcuh younger than him (18) he's (23). we take pictures and post them on Facebook he don't tagged hisself nor like any pictures we took. he only likes the picture when I ask him to other times he just siad he don't know why. he don't tagged hisself in pictures of us together. I'm not anywhere on his page to be found except for a relationship status nobody know about...and I think he talks to his ex but only when I'm not around...i honestly think I'm a rebound since he don't take me out anywhere


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  • He's 23 and most 23 year olds aren't fussed on Facebook. My ex was 20 and he always complained about how sh*t Facebook is and how everyone doesn't need to know about our business. He could be that kind of person who doesn't want everything public all the time. But it could be because he likes his ex still and that's why he's talking to her.

    If you think you're a rebound and he's not making you happy, then you should end it. He should be making you feel like a Queen and taking you out etc.

    • he tagg hisself in pictures but absolutely have non on there of us together people call me a rebound for his ex I sound like her and has the same birthday of her mistake was moving in

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    • he basically stated he have no feelings for me and I'm holding him back because his friends wants to go out to bars have drinks and go to clubs but I'm 18 you basically have to be 21 to do anything where I live

    • So you think it's fine for you to stay with him after he's stated he has no feelings for you and you're holding him back? You seriously need to leave this guy and find someone who actually cares for you and isn't using you.

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