Is there anyway I can win her back? Please Help!

Just got out of a 2 year relationship with a girl I am head over heels in love with. It has been a little less than a month we haven't been together and I have only went a week and a half without trying to make contact with her. She is a senior in high school and is focused on graduating and prom and enjoying being a teenager. What should I do so she doesn't forget about me. She is always posting sappy love songs on twitter but when I try contacting her she doesn't give me the light of day. I have a feeling some of her friends is turning her against me because we were talking about a month before my ex and I got together and now they are "best friends". I know I should be moving on but it is just so hard I love this girl with all of my heart. She only has about 15 or 20 days before she graduates high school should I just hold off until then and hope that she opens her eyes? I have been out of high school for almost a year btw.


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  • I'm telling you man, you're only hurting yourself here. I've been in those shoes plenty of times.

    Letting her know that you miss her will do nothing for you at this point. The only thing it would do is cause her to run more or not talk to you and she'll be the happier one. Think about it, she could be already moved on with her life, maybe even talking to new guys and you're still stuck thinking about her every day and before you go to bed and what not. She's robbing you of your confidence and time whether you know it or not. Don't give her the time of day anymore

    I hate to be blunt but this is how it works. I strongly suggest you keep yourself busy, go to the gym, take classes, do work, hang with friends, talk up some other girls. Thinking about her and thinking of ways to get her back is like wishing for rain in the desert. It won't happen. As much as it hurts man, you just have to focus on what's smart for you. Forget about your ex man, it was, it happend, and it's over. That's what you have to focus on..."It already happened"

    I mean, obviously there is something in that relationship that doesn't make it last.

    Getting back with an ex is more complicated then it seems. There will always be doubts.

    There's nothing like starting fresh with a new girl right? Just be friendly with your ex but don't act like she's something so important in your life...that's called losing your balls to her. Talk friendly when you see her, then move on. I have been in your same situation man, and I know it sucks. You have to stay confident in yourself and just say "next". What usually helps me when I think about my ex, is I just reminisce and think about the bitchy stuff she did in our relationship. It helps remind me what I hated about her.

    But if you truly want to go against my advice and try getting her back, then the only way you can do that (possibly) is by showing her you've moved on in a genuine way. Don't give her another second of your time, don't contact her, be productive and most importantly be happy. Even in the beginning stages. Just be optimistic so if she does see you or hear from you by somebody else, you seem to be enjoying life and happy. That will screw with her mind and make her over think everything if she truly did have feelings for you because girls are insecure. She'll wonder why you're so happy without her or with that other girl or whatever. This will make her curious and jealous and probably will want you back. Now I don't suggest you do that cause I believe once its over, its over. Everything is different and won't be the same after a break up.

    SNAP OUT OF IT MAN. You're only shooting yourself in the foot. She probably isn't the one, respect yourself and move on

    • I really appreciate the advice man! And that's exactly what I am goiing to do I just need to move on and be happy. Thank you!

    • I'm glad you're thinking positive man. Keep your eyes out.. the ark of life is funny sometimes. You may find yourself happier because of the fact you chose to move on from her. Something else will replace her down the road, and you'll thank yourself later for picking up the pieces and building yourself back together again. And I'm glad I could help out bro, if you have any more questions about it or need advice, just send me a message! Oh and BA?

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  • Dont contact her. Don't ever call or email or text her again. Delete her off Facebook or what ever other type or social network you have her on. Its time for no contact. I'm begging you not to call. You will forget her the sooner you stop bugging her. And she will one day come back into your life and you won't care.

    Dont contact her. TRUST ME. Its summer time, there are plenty of woman out there now! Go get a new one!

  • Dude. It's over. She doesn't want a relationship with you any more. Move on.

  • It's really over. You can't win her back anymore.


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