How do I get a guy in class to talk to me?

Well.. I don't know I look at this one guy lol XD but I don't know I don't want to make any moves because I just don't want to look like a desperate creeper... XD and I catch them sometimes looking at me lol because I looked at them

I don't know though they haven't made a move so I don't know lol xD

should I not worry about it?

I probably won't speak to him because rejection is not worth it and yeah he may be thinking the same thing but what should I do?


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  • Couple of things here:

    1.) Did he look more than once? I don't notice girls I don't like.

    2.) If he smiled, looked embarrassed, did anything other than blank stare, he's trying to figure out the same thing! Go talk to him! He's scared sh*tless because you're so hot.

    Girls put all the pressure on guys, but we get hurt a lot. Go talk to him, like say "hi, my name is ______, what's your major?" If he doesn't ask you out, ask him to lunch or something easy. If he's a d***, leave him alone. You're better than him. But, if he's shy, just prod him into meeting with you somehow. Like, "do you like _____? OH... Me too! Where do you go? When? You should meet me there! Haha" blah blah blah... Its easy, but you have to say "hi" first. He might even do the rest! You could even say "hahaha, you're so (cute, funny, ___)"

    • And if he just gave a blank stare after a girl smiles that lasted several seconds that means he doesn't like you?

    • That sounds a bit creeper, but yeah, he's definitely into you. He just hasn't mastered how long he should look, I guess.Worst case scenario, he's looking for some other reason,but I bet he's trying to get you to come over : D

    • Hmm well... He gave me kinda ablank stare but he knows I look at him sometimes lo but he's probably not into me.. sometimes ill catch him kinda looking at me lol or touching his face and I read somewhere myabe he's thinking lol but I don't know xD... I just don't know what to say and I don't wanna get rejected xD I wish he would do something if he was interested lol

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  • Rejection isn't worth it? Think about what life is like as a guy. :P

    Maybe he doesn't even know you like him. He might not specifically like you, but not "dislike" you. All it might take is you engaging him and just going "What's up?" or finding an excuse to talk to him to plant the idea in his head.

  • Smile and say hi! :)

  • By getting close to him.

  • You should talk to them first. It seems that they are just shy in approaching you.


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