Do you think it is a wise idea to meet with your ex to discuss your feelings in attempt to move on?

After my ex broke up with me he said that he still would like to be friends. He would still like to take me out and support me if I ever need emotional support because he loves me but he doesn’t think our relationship made any sense and was going anywhere that’s why he is calling it quits.

I thought that was a reasonable excuse enough because I saw he was becoming uninterested in me but I never thought it would’ve happened. Every time we fought and I tried to smooth things out and find out what was the problem he would make an excuse. Turns out he was dating a girl for 2weeks while he was with me.

I admit that as a girlfriend I never trusted him that much so I never really let my guard down

After I confronted him about the girl he said he did not really like her, he just wanted to try something new. We had a huge falling out and he stopped contacting me. Since then I have been initiating contact 2 weeks ago we met had sex and I just acted jealous. It is the 3rd week and I can’t move on and he has been avoiding me, but with an excuse ‘’oh I have finals’’

I feel like if I meet with him and ask him to genuinely tell me why he dumped me and let him know exactly how I felt and is still feeling I could move on.

Our conversation and him still calling baby, love, honey is tricking me into believing that we have a chance again when deep down inside I know we don’t. I try to be strong around him and he is buying into it to feel less of a jerk.

I want to move on, how can I ?

Is this a good idea?

I called him yesterday to ask to meet he phoned me 8hrs after I refused to call should I recall him and propose the idea?


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  • Whether you're true to yourself or not about moving on. This is a one-way street.

    Coming to him over emotional problems only engages your feelings for him even stronger.

    As Freud (the neurologist) would do with his patients. He would listen to all of their problems during therapy and most of his female patients would begin to fall in love with him.

    Now let's say you're not true to yourself, that you would like to win him back.

    Unfortunately, going to him for your problems is also another mistake. No one wants to deal or be with someone that has emotional problems. It doesn't signify fun, only depression.

    Being self-confident and independent is what attracts.

    As a male, I would just like you to know that when I call females "honey, love, babe", it doesn't denote neither Love nor Friendship. So don't be lead by false hope.

    • Thank you for that last sentence. I struggle with my ex calling me hunny and babe too. I read into it WAY TOO MUCH and it hurts me :( I agree INDEPENDENCE AND SELF CONFIDENCE make people think more of you then neediness and such. Its so hard when you want to let your feelings out though.

    • this empowered me so much. thank you it made me hate him. It made me realize my self worth, he has been playing with my feelings. I am a strong woman he can kiss my ass. he doesn't deserve me that bastard

    • I agree them figure of speech doesn't mean anything usually

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  • If you want to move on, cut all ties. Tell him plainly that you do not want to be in contact anymore and end it at that! He's probably good at talking you into getting back with him. Sometimes, to be strong, you gotta run.

  • It seems ok.


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