Ladies, you say you want a man. Make an effort yo make him feel like one.

You always complain about your boyfriend not growing up or your ex being an a**hole. It us a two way street. Not all guys treat a girl poorly on purpose.

Some just may be unexperienced with relationships or shy.

They really want a relationship but a guy feels like less of a man if you put him down or emasculate him.

Try to talk intimate and sexual to him. You women are intimidating at times and it takes a lot for a guy to resize his nut sack to extra large to just call you and strike up a conversation.

Most of the time, there is a rule that the men are suppose to approach the woman first but everybody talks about the times changing and even words changing. Society is bending a lot of the rules that were set years ago. Why not call as well before the guy does instead of waiting by the phone wondering if he will call?

I mean, don't do it incessantly! That would get annoying like everything else.

Talk about what's bothering you instead of making him guess. Wee are men. It takes a little bit of work to think with our hearts. We think logically.

We aren't trying to ignore you or make you feel worthless. We really want to get in touch with you on a more intimate level and know you from your soul.

Try to think about what friends, family and acquaintances that you are listening and taking advise from.

Ask yourself and observe, "how has there past relationships been and are they just bitter and hate men? Am I taking in the right advise?"

You cam even ask yourself this question as you read this. Since you women tend to analyze, take the bits and pieces of what I write and try to understand what I want to get the point across. And I hope that you are taking this in positively as a guidance instead me being bitter and preaching or calling you all out. To be honest, I can admit my wrongs as well and I can admit other men have treated you wrong. And maybe we just all need to just learn to communicate better with the opposite sex and not give up so easy. What do you think?


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  • no one thinks with solely by intuition. human beings they think with all of it. there's no great differnce between women and men as far as thinking and you won't ct like an ass because you are 'logical', if you are logical you will look at things closely to make sure you understand.

    if you're confused as. don't expect someone to know what it is you need to know.

    take responsibility for yourself your actions and w/e itid you need. and communicate. if you are logical you will communicate because it is necessary to do so. in order to keep things comprehensive.

    if you can't understand yourself then it isn't because you are being logical. you're just being obtuse.

    it takes two people to make things work. assumptionsdont help. open communication does.

    you're not being logical if you can't understand your own actions. you don't need to understand another person to know what it is to respect someone.

    being inexperienced isn't being an a**hole. if some one is called an a**hole its because they are disrespectful.

    and yes. I always consider a persons life history whenever hey try to impart any wisdom upon me. people project when they tell you what _you_ should do. so I think carefully about what it is they are coming from, vs where it is I want to go to.

    • Pretty much what I was trying to say but I was sitting on the toilet at the time during my work shift and taking care of an autistic patient, he was calling for me so I git side tracked.

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  • This should be an article, not a question. And some girls do do these things.

    • I asked a question at the end making it a question. Nobody responds to articles.

    • They do if they're written well.

  • I don't think men treat women like ladies anymore either. You're right, it is a two way street. I never waited around for phone calls or texts, I paid for some dates to be fair, etc.

    Here's MY thing, if a man makes me feel like a woman, I'll make him feel like a man. But if he makes ME feel like the guy (yes, this has happened, particularly when I tried initiating sex) in the relationship, I'll have a hard time treating him like "my man". I try to, but when their little comments offend me, I'll probably offend back without even meaning to or realizing it.

    The sad fact is, a lot of people don't bother with respect or tact anymore. People of BOTH genders. And when you don't feel respected, you lose respect for others as well. It's a vicious cycle.

    • I very much agree with you :)

  • It's hard to do that because it involves trusting a guy and giving him the benefit of the doubt. most guys do not have respect for women unless they are in love with her so if they mistreat you or hurt u, they more than likely did it on purpose. I only trust a guy after I've seen his behavior and character over time. Any new guy I meet does not get that much leeway with me.I've tried to give the benefit of the doubt before and ended up regretting it. I go by their actions and don't make excuses for them anymore


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  • Females today DON'T KNOW HOW to treat men, because THEY'RE TOO BUSY TRYING TO BE ONE. Think about it, WHAT REDEEMING QUALITIES do they have these days? Can they cook? Can they go 2 sentences w/o cussing or using the word "like" 5 times? Can YOU see them raising respectable kids*cough cough, COUGH*? Can they go 3 days w/o booze/meds or drugs? Can they unglue their smartphones from their faces for longer then 30 seconds in public? Are they STD free? No? No? No? No? No, and no? Oh, well there you have it. F***k em and chuck em. All Pro punt-straight to the curb. Go to Argentina. There're WOMEN there. Not come dumpsters.

    • Dont cry for me argenteeeena... The truth is I never left you. All through my wild years. Your mere existance. I kept my promise. Don't keep your distance...

  • Bravo!

  • "Why not call as well before the guy does instead of waiting by the phone wondering if he will call?"

    Because in spite of all the progress that's been made over the years, women are still, and ever will be, mortally afraid of rejection. They'd rather grab hold of a red-hot poker than risk being rejected by a male. Some girls, feeling empowered and progressive, actually will ask guys out. They will do this UNTIL they get rejected ONCE. And then they vow never to do it again. And they don't.

    This will never, ever, ever, EVER change. So men, take heed. If you want to get laid, make the first move.


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