Is he interested ? Hot and cold

Ok I saw this guy 3 times and I don't know if he is interested.

1st time we saw each other : We met through friends after a party. Talked all night together and then left with our friends.

Then he looked me up on Facebook and asked to meet again on the weekend to party. Me, my friend, him, his friend.

That Friday we went to a club and had lots of fun. The boys paid for everything. We end up going all 4 of us back to his friends place and we slept together on the couch and only kissed all night. We kept holding hands all night and the morning after. Cuddling and kissing non stop. When he left he kissed goodbye.

About 3 days later he asked me for dinner after work, only the two of us. He took me to a very nice place, we had great conversations, but he asked me to help him pay 1/3 of the dinner because he didn't have enough money on him.

Then he lied to me about having his car parked very far because he didn't want me to see that he had a really cheap broken car.

We end up taking his car and went for drinks. I agreed to pay because he didn't have money anymore. We had a good time laughed a lot, talked about everything. Then he took me back to my place and said goodbye but no kiss, no nothing.

BUT he said he would give me a book we talked about, and also offered to help me open my pool.

He texted me when he got back home the same night to say he had a good time. He sent me funny texts inside jokes and stuff.

I just don't understand why he didn't make any move at all on our date together ? We already kissed before so it's strange to me ?

Maybe he's just flirting but not so interested ?

Please help me !


Most Helpful Guy

  • It seems that just want to take it slow.

    • do you think I should make a move or let him contact me ?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Hes probably not into you. Its hard to say.

    • hmm ya... should I invite him to do something or just wait for him to contact me ?

What Girls Said 1

  • that sounds super shady... do you want to be with a guy like that?

    from what I read, it seems like you were just a few dates and he's moved on.

    • ya.. very strange.. thank you for your answer :)

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