Guys, if your ex girlfriend still had feelings for you, how would you want them to tell you?

Heres a summary for context:

I dated this guy in high school when we were 14, he was my first kiss and love and had major chemistry in the beginning, but we also had major communication issues and we were both flirts resulting in a lack of trust towards the end of the relationship. So we broke it off and moved on with the "no contact" rule in place for the rest of high school.

We didn't start talking until college, (we ended up at the same school and had similar social circles and ran into each other at a few parties) but didn't really discuss anything about the relationship until I asked him to coffee to apologize for my part in the breakup. I wanted him to know that I felt awful and that he deserved more respect and honesty than I gave him and he blushed and accepted my apology and agreed that we needed to learn and grow from our past relationship. I wanted to go into the conversation with no expectations, but afterward I realized I still had feelings for him. Unfortunately I had to go back to school and he moved back home, so I FB him once to catchup, but we haven't had contact since(I hate long distance/have been focused on school and becoming self sufficient). But now that I'm about to graduate and move home as well, I want to go back to my question, if you were the guy in my situation would it be a good move to tell him our last meeting resparked feelings? If so, what would be a good way to go about it?


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  • honestly I wouldn't want to hear. You could be bringing up loads more issues for him when he has gotten over you and I don't think that is fair.

    I wouldn't say anything. If you want to make yourself feel better and get things off your chest, write a letter to him with it all in, but don't send it.

    • That's actually one of my biggest concerns and am glad you mentioned that because I agree its not fair for me to bring up the past after all this time, but is it too much to ask for a fresh start after claiming forgiveness? I don't want to hash everything that went wrong when we were teenagers out, I just wanted it to not be awkward anymore running into each other in public. Which is why I invited him to talk one on one in the first place.

  • I would rather not hear them out. I hate going back to my exes.


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