Guys who DO like the 'chase'

now I know most guys don't like the 'chase' but I'm asking this to the ones who do. Even though you enjoy the chase, do you still want a 'catch' at the end? say if you chase a girl for a long time and she doesn't let you 'catch' her, will you eventually decide to move on to someone who will let you? or will that make you want her more? the whole 'wanting what you can't have' thing. What if you do move on to another girl eventually, will there always be the 'what if' factor about the other girl you never got?


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  • Let me clear a thing,

    Only idiots enjoy chasing women! Most of my friends see a woman who plays hard to get as immature! If a woman is interested in a guy that's interested in her, then she should just get to know the guy and see where it goes. What is gained by playing juvenile mind games?


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  • I'm a very dominate person in all aspects of life. Some women have theoretical issues with relinquishing control which is where I derive most of my pleasure. I love when a girl goes from unwilling to willful submission.

    Nothing is more empowering to me then having someone relinquish control and truly derive all their own pleasure from mine. I'm domineering and I love the chase almost as much as I love the surrender.

    • from my experience this seems VERY true, dominant males tend to 'chase' me more than submissive guys, I love dominant men!

    • Well said. Your opinion resonates with me.

  • No, I like a girl that chases me and a girl that plays too hard to get makes me want to move on, also jealousy doesn't work on guys.

  • When I was less experienced I would chase but every guy learns this won't work. I learned to friend zone any girl that played games. Heck I felt like being a jerk actually paid off but that didn't suit me.

    A girl that plays hard to get was a major turn off and a girl that shows interest is attractive. Even if she's not very good looking, if she goes after me while being very direct I would give her a good chance.

    The what if scenario lasts a very short time. Once a new girl is in the picture we tend to forget about the previous one in most cases.

    And the whole wanting what you can't have thing is true but its like wanting a Ferrari when you can't afford one, you just don't try. If you want a guy to chase you, you must realize he won't go head over heels for you unless he's been with you for a very long time.


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