How would it make you feel if your s/o moved in with someone of the opposite sex?

So basically my boyfriend currently lives in a condo with 3 roommates and one is a girl. They're fairly close, they call each other best friends and the girl has said to me that they're like brother and sister. But they both have told me that they aren't into each other like that at all and whenever they go out somewhere together (to hang out) and people will ask them if they're together they always deny it.

And my boyfriend didn't know this girl until they moved into the condo last year. But they're thinking of renewing the lease there because my boyfriend isn't ready to move in with someone he's in a relationship with and I respect that (we've also been dating for just 7 months) but apparently the rent might go up and he said that if it does him and her might find another place to live and if it doesn't go up then they're just gonna renew their lease.

Even though I know the girl and even though they technically live together now and if they renewed the lease they would still be living together, for some reason it bothers me that if he moves from his current apartment that he would go looking for a place with her..

Am I being stupid and jealous or am I justified to feel this way?


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  • confront him directly. Your feelings might be justified if he really does like her. If he really doesn't then no your not justified. Watch his body language when he answers. you will know if he's lying by his movements.

  • You should really feel worried. Talk to him about this.


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