Would you be afraid to contact an ex you broke up with?

Would anything stop you from contacting an ex you dumped? would you be afraid if his reaction? would that stop you? even if it was to get back together?

I can't decide what to do and I need to hear other perspectives on this.


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  • that's a tricky question...

    I've fallen in a twisted behavior since 2008...since then I've been making/breaking up with lots of guys...

    we made up only based in attraction, but, with a lot of them there was nothing more than that - so, there's no point of trying to get back if I don't find them attractive anymore.

    the others that there was more than that (and I broke up with) I'm ashamed of even trying to talk with them. mainly because I know they liked me and I've hurt them and it could be even worst if I tried to get back, as much as I would like to.


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  • if you hurt the other person its going to be hard to get them to listen,

  • When I've broken up with my past boyfriends it really depended on how the break up went. I mean I've had some really messy break ups that made me uncomfortable talking to my ex, even several years later I'm not comfortable around them. But other exs are not so bad. I mean I don't contact them unless they talk to me, I don't want to twist the knife in any deeper if you know what I mean. So, I guess you'll have to judge for yourself if it was a bad break up ( as in a fight) or maybe there's still something left to share between you and her.

    • No it wasn't like that, we didn't fight. He just let go kind of not understanding. When I asked if he wanted to keep talking he said that there was nothing left to talk about.

      We haven't talked since then and I want to tell him I miss him I think I want to give it another shot, but I'm afraid of his reaction and I don't want to hurt him any further than I already did.

      I just don't know how to go about this.

    • well you can always try, I mean there's not much left to lose if you think he's not going to try and get back together with you. Maybe you can ask him to lunch or dinner saying that its completely unromantic and that you just need the closure. Then if he agrees you can talk things out with him in an confrontational way. Afterwards see how he feels about everything and if he still has no desire to be with you then you can try waiting a couple months and trying again.

What Guys Said 2

  • If I dumped her, no. I'm the type that can make friends with the girls I dumped.

    However If I've been dumped. Yea I won't initiate sh*t

  • I wouldn't be afraid, but I won't contact them at all.

    • Even if you wanted to get back together?

      Why not?

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