Friend's girlfriend playing games?!

Hi. English is not my original language so have patience with me.

I have a friend, not a close one but still a friend.

and this friend of mine also have a girlfriend who's diagnosed with borderline. around a year ago I started to notice some changes in her routine around me. she touches my hair and is giving me subtle compliments. and I thought then "well, she is just being nice to me".

i started hang with these people quite much after my ex broke up with me. and my ex and these two people were at the same party one night and of course my ex asked if I were seeing someone .

then this borderline girl told her that I was dating one of her friends. this made me furious because I didn't want my ex to know I was f***ing some one else so early on.

after a while hanging with these two I noticed that my friend started to avoid me, and every time we do meet up he is being either jellous of things I say or quite angry towards me.

but one thing that really bothers me is how his borderline girlfriend constantly every time we meet keeps saying "you and me could never be in a relationship" in front of both my friend and me. at first I thought it was innocent and my reply was "yes you're right, but we would probably have awesome s*x!". but every time I meet up with them it's the same history all over again. she keeps saying it.

now I'm going backpacking in asia and australia for a long time and I got a message on Facebook from this girl that she wanted to talk with me about this trip I'm going on.

so I meet up with her and her boyfriend, my friend and she told me she wanted to come with. so I asked why he wouldn't come and he told me he couldn't be away more than five weeks because he have a medical condition. upon she response that she want to be away for more than five weeks because she thinks five is a to short amount of time.

this is just a piece of the game she's playing with me.

can anybody her help me out with what the hell she wants from me?



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  • Some girls just like to create drama and mess with people. If it's seriously bothering you, I would start ignoring her. Don't let this girl ruin you and your friend's friendship.

  • It seems she's just making a big mess out of your life.

    Sounds to me that she's attracted to you or just want to let you down.


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