Co-Worker...Screwed this up

Okay, so there is some additional details in here, I hope you guys and ladies can figure this one out some way. And help me what I should do with this woman.

There is this Co-Worker I have been dating about more than month, been having nice time together, no sex yet (actually I made it clear last time we spend night together that this is not issue to me anymore). My repuation for women is really high, and she know I have been with large number of ladies. There is something special about this lady I've been dating, and I told her that, she didn't actually like it because she wanted sex. And now I am willing to give it to her, but she actually rejected me now... And for you guys and ladies who wonders my actions now (what a heck is wrong with this man - like she does for sure too), I really have to tell there have been large number of problems in my life at the moment that I have keep myself out of the "fun" lately. But now I have solved all of these problems away, but I think too late.

Well, the details about this case

-Been dating about month (No sex)

-She was interested about me for long time, before I ever interested in her actually

-Been over her place couple of times

-We used to see each other once in one or 2 weeks her place

-Now last time we saw each other "intimate" was over 2 weeks ago

-Last time together there was no intimate contact like there was before like kissing etc (I think this was the biggest turn off), also last time together there was plans on her mind already for the next time, but ALSO she had big plans for that our last date, she was sure we finally have sex. Aftewards I realized that.

- After that her messages have been really not that warm, so I could not see a chance to ask her out or go to her place someday soon again for sex to happen

- I f***ed up one phone call after that I saw her messages were more cold than normally, I had to call her when I saw her messages was not same before (flirty etc) which made her confused

- Now when we "see" each other in the work she does not make any eye contact to me at all, I can see her quickly look at me when I am not looking at her side but there is no same way eye contact no more. Lost interest, I know, OR there is something in her mind maybe I should talk to her to make her understand me. But if I do that I am beta even more at this point.

- I am the only one to initiate contact at this point, so now I dropped the contact for one week, also she hasn't started any.

-I made one date with her week ago, it wasn't at her place this time we did go out for sports together, talk about this and that, didn't actually talk about what happened before, it went well, but I did make that mistake that I asked her if we could see again soon, she didn't reject directly but not good..

So, what a f.. I can do now to give her that one special night she deserves? I backed off because she backed off. Should I talk to her about this to make her understand me better, I don't think I can lose anything more..


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  • yeah try it


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  • Don't make up anymore excuses. Just ask her out again for a date and give her that one special night.


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