When Is A Relationship No Longer Considered a Rebound?

A pretty good friend of mine broke up with his girlfriend a year ago. They were together for 5 years. 2 months after dating, she entered into a new relationship and has been with that guy ever since (coming up on almost a year now). My friend has been seeing (on and off) a girl for about 6 months (who happens to also be a very good friend of mine). I feel like I'm the "go-to" person to unleash their feelings, and I'm slightly confused. I know that solid relationships can form after rebounds, it's rare, but it does happen.

So how long until you consider a new relationship no longer a rebound? My friend is still devastated that his ex broke up with him after 5 years and can't seem to move on. I'm trying my hardest to help him (I know he has to "do it himself", but after a year of trying to do it alone, he obviously can't get over it). Any tips?


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  • I feel like any relationship that is formed when one person still has significant feelings for their ex will be a rebound. Since your friend's girlfriend is the one that did the breaking up, it was easier for her to get over him, so even though her next relationship was only 2 months later, I wouldn't consider it a rebound, especially since they are still together.

    As you said, your friend can't seem to move on because he is still hung up on his ex, and while he still has that attitude, he probably won't be able to have a successful relationship until he gets over her. I've never seen an "on and off" relationship work out, so I would try to get him out there meeting more girls, instead of letting him continually fall back into this on and off, safety net, rebound relationship he's in now. Just go out with him one day and try to get him to talk to as many girls as possible, because that's definitely the best way to get over someone.

  • It would be after 5 months, that's the minimum length of time.


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