what is she doing!?

This is mainly for ladies because it pertains mainly to how the may or may not act in a situation. So I was talking to this girl for about 2 months, everything was good, we were just about to start dating and then her grandmother passed away. She didn't want to talk to me for about 2 weeks which I understood so I backed off a bit but still said good morning, good night all the good stuff and tried to be there if she needed me.After about two weeks she just stopped talking to me all together. I messaged her a week or so later to see if she was OK and she completely ignored me. It wasn't only until recently that she started talking to me again. Did I do something wrong? Or is she just playing me and she feels bad so she's talking to me? Any advice would be helpful, Its driving me insane


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  • Is she talking to you any differently than before?

    • she completely stopped and then 2 months later ( today) she messages me out of the blue saying she knows I'm probably upset with her

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    • Oh trust me, when she first messaged me I told her, " I'm at work, ill message you when I get around to it" kinda like she just leisurely messaged me out of nowhere after months. But afterward I figured that was a bit much so I replied with the getting out of work thing. And yea I'm trying to be a d*** but nice at the same time cause I understand her grandmother passed away, but after the first month completely nice went out the window.

    • Ok sounds like you know what you're doing. Feel free to ask me if you want any more advice. I hope it works out for ya :)

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  • I don't think you've done anything wrong and I don't think her behavior was anything to do with you. If she was close with her grandma, her death would have had a big impact on the girl's feelings and psychological state / focus, she just needed time to grieve and understand the reality of it (and might still be upset by it). Even though she might like you, if you're not close to each other yet she mightn't have felt like sharing it with you.


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  • You never did anything wrong. Perhaps, she just want some time for herself.

    Try spending more time with her in person.


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