My ex is now married with a child but still contacts my mom?

My ex and I dated for over a year over 5 years ago. It ended when I found out he was cheating. the break up go messy and cops got involved but nothing came out of it. My mom treated him well and despite the cops getting involved at one point to this day he still calls my mom to ask about me and whatever else they talk about. At this point I really don't think he should still be in contact with my mom. Over the years I've told him he shouldn't contact my mom because I had moved with my life and really didn't need my ex still prying in my life. He is now married with a child and still contacts me every so often and still talks to my mom. Am I wrong for thinking he should stop contacting my mom? He has his own family now and I think its been years and I have moved on and I would assume he has. should this still be OK for him to talk to my mom like he does?


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  • That does seem to be a strange situation. However, your mom is an adult too.

    If your mom is fine with it and likes talking to him, then that is her business. Are they like... friends? They could be friends...

    If they're NOT friends, and she is just being polite by answering the phone or ingratiating his questions, then yes its really sick.

    If they ARE friends though, it would explain a lot. They might just have a lot in common or cool things to talk about.


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  • thats a weird situation, it does seem odd that's for sure especially if you moved on. id be suspicious of your mom. 5 years is a long time. does he have mommy issues or something?

    • he was adopted so he has a little momma issues but he does have a adoptive mom who is in his life they are close

    • hm well that could be it then but I could be wrong

  • It seems that he just love talking to your mom. It's really okay.


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  • That's strange tell him to stop.


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