Moving Out of State Should I contact My Ex.

So my ex and I broke up a little over a month ago.(she did it) It wasn't a great break-up. It was done over the phone and text. It was pleasent but there was also a lot emotion at the time. I'm currently about 3 days from moving out of state for a job. Should I contact my ex? Obviously being togther isn't even an option I just want to say good bye. Just try to have a nice chat since she was such a big part of my life. Is this a mistake? My only worry is it may come across as maybe wanting her back...which I don't.
Yeah so I called it was double sided coin. She did answer and we talked but her tone was bitchy so that sucked, however it also let me know that I wasn't missing anything and that person I knew is gone. I'm glad I did it. Thanks everyone.


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  • if you don't want her back then it doesn't matter how it comes across. if you want to say good bye go ahead. if its really to say good bye, why not. since it doesn't sound like you guys had a decent good bye. I think its best to say gb in person so it leaves a mark. you don't feel its unfinished.


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  • If you don't you might regret it. It's good to have finality.


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  • No you shouldn't contact your ex. Your moving and in doing so getting a fresh start. She won't be apart of it and you have no reason to include her in the experience. Besides, in contacting her you're just stretching out the time it's going to take both of you to more forward.


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