I’m moving all the way across the US by myself, how to deal?

So i’m an only child, and was raised by just my mother. My grandparents were in my life but never in a positive way, and my other family is very dysfunctional and not in a good way. I plan on moving across the us to cali soon and I don't know i’m getting a bit nervous , I’ve never lived by myself and I’ve never lived that far fom home. I’m just worried about like getting kidnapped or ya know simple things you ask your mother or parents for advice. I have some friends and fam out their but I probally will not be that close to them as we have never really been a close kinda family , more like see ya on anivesarys and Christmas every other year type . And my boyfriend and I probally will not be moving together , cause we haven’t been together that long and just other personal reasons. I’m very spoiled , I mean my family may be distant but they have always given me the best of everything , I don’t expect that to always be that way and don’t demand it . But how to get use to doing everything on my own now? What should I expect? Any tips on living so far away for the first time and on my own? Am I wrong for feeling guilty about leaving my mother? Cause i’m really all she has , she doesn’t have a boyfriend and not a lot of friends she’s super close with. We usually do everything together.


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  • You should make close with your neighborhood first. Get them to know that you've moved in.

    Also, it will expand your social circle and you will not be alone again. If you need someone, they are there to support you.


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