Do your ex boyfriends come back?

Please understand where I am coming from. He dumped me before going to college..We both were young at the time. College is over for us now. Do ex's boyfriend come back if they really wanted to be with a girl in their future? Please do not be judgmental about the whole exes are exes for this possible?


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  • Yes, it's possible but the chances are low.

    If I were the guy, I prefer not to come back since the relationship will never be the same again.

    • how would you know the relationship will never be the same. It could be BETTER! you never know...just saying!

    • if he is still in love w u,he will come back,if he forgot about you and moved on,he won't be back

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  • Frankly all my men come back, just don't act needy and desperate.

    Look physically attractive, take care of yourself, move up in life and date around.

    That's what I do and they always come back. I turn them down though.

    People only come back for two reasons however

    they either love you or just want to fulfill their fantasy of sleeping with you

  • Well, from my experiences, men do not come back. I wouldn't count on it.

    • why? because I have known everyone that there exes do come back...

    • For me, it hasn't happened yet.

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