Is she worth waiting for...or end things?

I can honestly say that I'm at the point where I feel that I keep giving to the relationship, and she refuses to put in as much effort.

I've been dating this girl for 7 months now. In the past she had a bad habit of allowing me to make plans, only to blow me off. Our first month of dating was nice, pretty laid back and she was into me. Months 2 and 3 were shaky, we almost broke up but convinced each other to stay together. Month 4 was pretty laid back as well, started joking and talking more. Month 5 was great. I felt close to her, finally. Joking, went out more, overall perfect.

Months 6 and 7 have been bad. Month 6: She called, showed some affection, but we stopped going out due to her busy schedule. I've been patient in respect to her work and school schedule.

Month 7: Somewhat downhill, still having hope things will get better after all the upcoming exams. She stopped working this month so I thought that would help. During month 5 we made plans to spend a weekend away from home together. Month 7 (last week) she informs me that she kind of wants to but isn't really sure...that's her way of saying no. She still wants to go through with our other plans, but I have a feeling she's going to blow those off, as usual. She's been less affectionate lately, doesn't call at all, and doesn't text as often. All of her friends say she's just stressed and still really into me, but I'm not feeling it.

End things, or keep going is the question?


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  • AFter seven months, if things aren't getting b etter, they will surely get worse, as you are already aware.

    She sounds like she doesn't value your relationship very much! I'd walk away unless she chases after you with some ENTHUSIASM!

    • At this point my plan is to pull away and see what happens. If after a week or two I get nothing from her, I'll end things. She just hasn't really made an effort in respect to our relationship.

    • Yes, a good plan!

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  • End it.

    Pulling away won't help your situation at all but only make it worse.


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  • It seems that she's not valuing you at all.

    End it. She's not really into you.


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